Евровидение 2011 в Украине. Вся правда

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Vivid facts of Ukrainian Eurovision Speculations
 As most of you know Ukraine this year also participates in Eurovision Contest and now undergoes national preselection. Each year in Ukraine there is a scandal. It’s a tradition for Ukraine that most of the social processes are accompanied with corruption. And Eurovision is not the exception. The key thing is that Ukrainian show business market is too narrow and for each singer participation in Eurovision, even if one can’t win it, it’s a great chance to increase personal income on local concerts on returning back home. That’s why most of the singers prefer to bribe preselection Administration to win.
That was the last year so it seems like it will be this year also. The local organizer of Ukrainian national preselection is National Television Company of Ukraine (NTCU). They formed this year a Eurovison contest committee with vice president of NTCU Valid Arfush on the head of it. Also they adopted a National Eurovision Regulation for everyone to see that the process is transparent and fair and introduced a website where anyone can vote for the singer he supports. All seemed ok but the corruption scandal came back soon. The essence of the scandal was that people suspected Contest committee in close ties with some singers and corruption.
The authors of this film decided to investigate the story and made a film.

But now some key points of the history from Ukrainian national Eurovision preselection.

Contest started last August. 35 contestants were selected from more than 200 singers.
Contest itself was divided into several stages. On every stage people mentioned some preferences made by jury to some singers. Most of them concern Jamala who is one of the singers participating and striving to win this year. For example, after the first contest stage NTCU made promotional materials 3 minutes duration for all the singers but only for Jamala it was 6 min. During the main stage Jamala was put into a green room together with jury and experts while other 34 contestants were together in the other. During the last semifinal jury head stopped recording to give Jamala exceptional right to test the show and voice while others waiting. This seems not like European practice showing fairness or transparency. All this led to the great scandal and some contestants decided not to take part any more in the contest and wrote a Public letter to the president of NTCU accusing it in making vivid preferences to some singers like Jamala and asking to dismiss Jamala from the Contest due to corruption. More than 40 internet newspapers wrote about this Letter but nothing happened. NTCU answered that everything is fair and transparent and indisputable facts showed in the letter nothing but jealousy of other singers. Nobody investigated the facts. So this is Ukraine. We will write soon about all this scandal more and will translate Official Public Letter with all the facts. We want Europe know how things go on in Ukraine and what singer everybody will hear in Germany representing Ukraine. Corrupted or not. Wait a little and you can read info hear soon. But this is not the point of this investigation. The group of young people tried to investigate the scandal details concerning the facts of official website voting and the facts of conspiracy of some singers and jury. So here goes the story and film.

Now some this year history.

Ukrainian Eurovision site started its work in autumn. Witnesses said that when it started and nobody knew about it Jamala and Ognevich (another contestant) had already hundreds and hundreds of votes. But that time nobody paid attention to that fact.
In October there happened the first scandal. The main leaders group accounting Zlata Ognevich, Jamala, Matias, Dasha Medovaya and Nastia Prikhodko was broken by thousands of votes form Romaniuta Mika Newton and group “Metropoly10”. Administration that time reacted quickly and cancelled thousands of votes calling it “hackers attack”. Then they called voting preliminary and canceled all the voted and introduced a secured system of registration with hard access codes. In November the group of leaders looked like this.

1. Jamala
2. Dasha Medovaya
3. group “Bahroma”
4. Zlata Ognevich
5. Matias

At the end of December TOP 5 looked like this

1. Dasha Medovaya
2. Jamala
3. Matias
4. group «HEKSI»
5. El Kravchuk

During the New year vocations Dasha Medovaya, a young talented singer, who is named as the opening of the Ukrainian contest held the first place in the web voting. Till January 7 the gap with Jamala was more than 2000 votes. During that time the average amount of votes was 300-600 per singer daily.

Scandal story happened on January 7 when first Mika Newton (one of the contestants) voted more than 1000 voted daily. Than El Kravchuk more than 1000. Votes for Jamala chasing Daria Medovaya to return the first place were really galloping (2500-3000 daily). Jamala tried to obtain the first place in voting any way. Daria Medovaya gave gaily 1000 votes and still was on the first place. Group “Neksi” gave 1000 votes daily being in TOP 5.
The key thing that made the scandal was that votes for Jamala, Mika Newton and El Kravchuk were really strange. The point is that when one votes there is a mark on his personal page on the site showing the time of voting. But there were not in case of those 3 singers. No one could see how people voted for them but votes increased in number.
Here are some peculiar things those days.

1. Votes were made from hundreds of accounts made in one day
2. There were no marks on the personal voters pages about the time one voted
3. Hundreds of voted started at 8 am sharp and were finished at 1 am sharp
Mika Newton:
1. Votes were made from hundreds of accounts that didn’t vote for 1 month
2. There were no marks on the personal voters pages about the time one voted
3. Hundreds of voted started at 8 am sharp and were finished at 1 am sharp

El Kravchuk:
1. Votes were made from hundreds of accounts that didn’t vote for 1 month
2. There were no marks on the personal voters pages about the time one voted
3. Hundreds of voted started at 8 am sharp and were finished at 1 am sharp

Dasha Medovaya:
1. Votes increased from 500-600 daily to 1000 daily
1. Votes increased from 400 to 1000

Unusual was the fact that all the votes for Jamala, Mika Newton and El Kravchuk increased in times but on the personal voters pages there were no mark about the time of vote and that all the votes stopped at 1 am and started again at 8 am. Site administration didn’t do any more comments. Scandal posts about “strange votes”, which evoked on the site regularly, disappeared.

Fan groups suspected conspiracy between mentioned singers and the administration of the Contest. On January 11 voting was stopped and administration started “cleaning” the voting rating.
The following amount of votes was deleted:

Jamala – 3436
Mika Newton – 547
ЕL Kravchuk – 562
Dasha Medovaya – 7668
Matias – 546
“Neksi” group - 13838
Zlata Ognevich – 185
Eduard Pomaniuta – 5209
“Armia” Group - 146
Anastasia Prihodko - 115

After this “cleaning” the leaders group looked different as it was before. First place obtained Jamala, then El Kravchuk and Mika Newton. Then followed Dasha Medovaya and Matias.
“Neksi” group was thrown from the leaders group with no chances to come back.

Such global changes and not transparent principal of cleaning raised a great wave of indignation between fan groups and singers producers. Administration didn’t say a word. In quick made news Administration even misnamed artists. Instead of Zlata Ognevich they named her Dasha Ognevich. And no following reaction in next days. And also no reaction to sharp posts of fan groups.
We paid attention to obscure voted cleaning and singers rating following. Most of the users who “voted” from the pages with no marks about voting still left in the system. This was very peculiar for Jamala, Newton and Kravchuk. The same time “Neksi” group was deprived of 13 000 votes without any comments. In some newspapers appeared info about the principles of cleaning votes for “Neksi” but no official info. It was strange enough. Also very strange looked cleaning votes for one of the main leaders of Ukrainian preselection – Dasha Medovaya which in some days before held 1 place in voting. More than 100 accounts were deleted and all others lost several votes. We didn’t find any explanation of this strange principal never on the official site no in newspapers. But after this obscure cleaning Dasha Medovaya was shifted from the 1 place in National voting to the fourth. “Neksi” group was totally thrown from TOP 5.
Voters anger led to the Open Public letter to the NTCU, which organized Contest and introduced and controlled site work. Fan groups and singers producers accused Jamala in the conspiracy with Contest Administration. There were undisputable facts of strange voting in the letter. In couple of days there appeared 3 essays in internet which were copied by more than 40 newspapers. All the essays contained the same content that Jamala uses the scandal to make self PR company.
Administraion of NTCU rejected all the accuses.
Kamalia – one of jury members said that she didn’t know about some vivid facts and supported Jamala.
Site Administration said that all the voting and following “cleaning” were transparent and votes for Jamala are clear and fair.
Singer El Kravchuk said that all the votes for him are fair.
Matias (one of the main contestants) decided not to take part any more in the contest due to its unfairness.
“Neksi” group also decided not to take part any more in the contest due to its unfairness.

So that was the Scandal.

What will be the next?

At the end of February will be the last part of selection. The formula of evaluation will be the following (by the words of Egor Benkendorf, the head of NTCU):

Jury marks – 45%
Sms voting– 45%
Support on the site – 10%

We interested much on the essence of the scandal and decided to investigate it. It’s impossible to trace the fairness of voting due to administrators access and paroling. (Only administrators can see all the logins). But on the Public Open Letter we saw one link which we opened. That was the trace.
We made a film online from the internet. When you read this you can do the same and can see that all info is true. Film is made from the official Ukrainian Eurovision site. We think that after the time this film published, Contest Administration will delete the link so try to be quick and see what we saw yourself.

In these videos below you will see the user «test»  http://eurovision.on-1.tv/author/test

It is radically different from any other user's pages  http://eurovision.on-1.tv/author/kolomiyka

Follow the mouse and notice what is it the address bar.

We concluded that this page was created by the Administration to vote for Jamalа, Newton, Kravchuk and Povaliy

How it works:

1. In early December the Competition Administration created hundreds of empty accounts.

2. In early December, the Administration has tested the possibility to vote directly to vote counter, bypassing the recording on personal pages. To test how the system works, they used all the artists except the above mentioned

3. Start of the system took place in early January.

4. The system turns on at exactly 8 am and off at exactly 1 am


For artists Jamala, Newton, Kravchuk and Povaliy "was to make thousands of votes that are made by Sdministration and to this day have not been deleted. This was done to bring them into first places in the voting

Make decision yourself as we did. Contest administration helped Jamala, Mika Newton and El Kravchuk to vote from administrators page.

Conclusions and requirements:

1. Based on the proven facts of unfair direct intervention in the course of the National Selection

we ask Walid Arfush as manager of European type voluntarily resign from his post as Head of the Competition Jury

2. For conspiracy with the Administration of the Competition we require dismiss artists: Jamala, Kravchuk, Newton and Povaliy from the contest

P.S. All visitors can view these materials in the form of a film and try do test what we did himself to see that all mentioned above is bare truth

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